This pot is a man. This pot is a woman. This little pot is a child. All of them are vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Transmissions was an unconventional approach to discussing the spread of STIs that spoke to the rich tradition of pottery in Kumbharwada. The pots were thrown by Hanif Zakaria, a local potter, and then painted in acrylics. On painting weekends the Colour Box was packed with enthusiastic people of all ages, eager to create something personal and beautiful. Most produced a single artwork, although the fastest workers made two or three. 

Transmissions was a quick, fun and personally rewarding Artbox that attracted large numbers of artists, perhaps because of people's interest in painting and familiarity with ceramic forms. While part of a collective, each pot told its own story. A woman wearing a check shirt and jeans. A pot divided into a man and woman. A girl wearing a rainbow dress.

In the final installation, the pots are arranged on the floor in a social contagion diagram that shows how STIs can spread in populations. The idea is to show the personal within the social group and to discuss the stigma around infection.

Voices from the street

Mentor Artists 

Trishna Parkash, Monish Debnath

Participant Artists

Ashwini Sri, Reema Kunch, Seema Kunch, Durga Kunch, Bhavika Kunch, Manisha Kunch, Reshma Kunch, Ramaka Kunch, Laxmi Kunch, Vidya Kunch, Sheetal Kunch, Farida Sheikh, Nirmala Punjabi, Kismeti Jaiswar, Sarita Gupta, Priya Gaikwad, Malti Murkar, Bhagyashree Alkundi, Shankuntala Jaiswar, Jyoti Yadav, V Jyoti, Gudiya Pandey, Anjama Ayyapa, Anuradha Jogalmal, Pooja Katke, Vanshika Jaiswar, Nandini, Manisha Kadayat, Shweta Katke, Manish Sonawane, Tennesa J

Health Expert

Dr Anup Bharti, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital